About Us

Thriving for Excellence!


Poultry farming is one of the most lucrative agriculture business in South Africa. There is a high interest amongst consumers for white meat particularly for its health benefits. Poultry meat and eggs are the largest source of animal protein in the human diet worldwide. Thousands of poultry products are consumed every day, yet the demand remains high. Lubandzi Fresh Produce is a farm that seeks to focus on broiler production and in the process provide for a large market range. Our head office is in Fourways, Johannesburg and operations will be based in Komatipoort in Mpumalanga. The founders have identified poultry production as ideal because of the low number of poultry producers in Komatipoort and surrounding areas. Additionally in 2019 the poultry sector Master Plan was signed. The Plan puts safeguards against imported EU bone-in portions. This therefore promotes locally produced chickens, which is one other reason we plan to venture into the business. Lubandzi Fresh Produce is a registered which seeks to venture into poultry business. We have not started operations yet. We plan to buy 300000 day old chicks per cycle and raise them until they are ready for sale as mature chickens. Our future goal is raise 4 million chickens per cycle.

Vision Statement

To lead to the commercial poultry production through provision of competitive services to our clients both locally and globally 

Mission Statement

To provide customers with quality, fresh, and valuable products.

Summary of our services

Our products will include broilers, chicken droppings (manure) and feathers. We will offer our customers healthy chickens as sources of protein and healthy diets. Our customers will benefit from the healthy diet at a competitive and affordable price. The chickens will be processed, packaged and transported to our clients in refrigerated trucks. Clients are also allowed to fetch our chickens in their own trucks. Some will be sold as whole chicken and others will be packaged and sold as chicken portions. Our clients will be allowed to use their own transportation as well to ferry our products. Additionally, the offal (internals), feet and heads shall be packaged and sold. Chicken has been found to have very high protein content, which plays a very important role in sustaining our muscles, help in weight loss, improve the bone conditions, relieves stress and improve immunity. It is also said to lowers fat and cholesterol. The by-products such as the droppings and feathers will be sold as required by potential clients. The bird’s feathers can be a source of income, as it has been shown that it can be heated, mixed with other materials and molded into plastics, and it is a strong protein producer called Keratin and used in animal feed. Additionally, the bird droppings from the poultry farm are rich in nitrogen which can thus be used as an organic source of the essential element nitrogen in the form of a fertilizer for the regular farming land. Thus our poultry farming business will indirectly benefit regular farming as well. In the future, Lubandzi Fresh Produce aspire to venture into the production of chicken feed. This will be good for us as our feed can be used for our own chickens and also sold to potential clients. Our proposed production site (Location) is in Komatipoort which is closer to Mozambique and Swaziland. This increases our chances of making export agreement with these countries

Our Values

Organizational Structure

Our organization to employ a strong team of expert professionals, who will be backed by vast experience and qualifications in their field of study. We plan to employ professionals who are well versed with the poultry industry. They will be selected after careful evaluation of their technical as well as organizational capabilities. These primary employees who will be sourced are outlined below.
A veterinary doctor will be employed on part-time bases because he would have to come to monitor the chickens healthy potentially once a week or whenever he is needed. Legal matters will also be outsourced. Other employees will be employed as the need becomes necessary.

Why use us?

Our organization promises to be a distinguished entity involved in supplying a different range of Poultry Products. The following are the major factors that we plan to adopt in other to become the preferred choice of our clients:

o State-of-the-art technology
o Stringent quality standards
o Assured supply at minimum cost
o Timely Delivery
o Fully equipped with processing plant and abattoir